River Awareness Kits are interactive hubs developed to improve awareness of key issues in water resources management in transboundary river basins.

What is a river awareness kit?
A River Awareness Kit (RAK) is a web- or CD-ROM-based interactive knowledge hub, developed to improve awareness of key issues in water management particularly in transboundary river basins.

Thematic content included in a River Awareness Kit and its structure is defined through participatory processes. The information and knowledge integrated into a River Awareness Kit is primarily drawn from existing documentation and media made available by the contributing countries and partner institutions. Additional interactive media and maps are also generated.

The aim of a river awareness kit is to provide a consistent and accepted knowledge base for transboundary river basin stakeholders, which supports dialogue and provides a platform for discussion on issues related to Integrated Water Resources Management. River Awareness Kits can be developed to support multiple-languages.

A River Awareness Kit provides a content and document management system, which means it can be updated and become an important information and knowledge management system for basin stake-holders.

A KEY SUCCESS FACTOR WHICH PROMOTES SUSTAINABILITY for a River Awareness Kit is to ensure there is capacity to maintain the resource into the future. A River Awareness Kit is developed using a content management system and document management system, so it can be maintained and updated according to the needs of the River Basin Organisation. We work with the River Basin Organisation or a partner organisation to develop local content management and maintenance capacity.

Developing a River Awareness Kit is a journey that transboundary stakeholders follow; the journey itself is one of the key benefits. The process to develop a River Awareness Kit brings stakeholders together with a common goal to develop a basin-wide view and knowledge resource.

Through a River Awareness Kit, each country and transboundary stakeholder has access to a uniform set of background information and knowledge about the basin. This provides an important base upon which to build communication and stakeholder engagement activities.

The information and knowledge provided in a River Awareness Kit are used as research, teaching and training tools by schools, universities, and non-government organizations. They can also provide effective communication and marketing tools for the River Basin Organisation and other related organisations.